We want people to engage in meaningful cultural conversation.

We want more people to discover and enjoy art.

Our manifesto

Every city has a valuable, hidden and often neglected side of creative minds carrying some of the most meaningful thinking and ideas of our time.

We believe this to be one the major drivers of social change. We want to reinforce this cultural exchange in an inclusive way across the whole spectrum of arts embracing new perspectives and identities.

Using culture as a venue to spread knowledge we help to promote new meanings of personal and local identity.

In an era social isolation is increasingly difficult to find new voices standing up to new perspectives.

Promoting and a spreading art poses significant challenges in many cases easily going unnoticed, shadowed by the immediate and the popular.

This relentless pressure discourages doubling down creativism and distances the youth in their quest for challenging and thought-provoking references.

Because of this we believe it is important to have alternative ways to raise the cultural discussion.

We also believe this is accomplished when artists remain independent to freely articulate their perspectives without subjugating their views to external impositions for exposure.

That’s why we have created INDI.

A platform that leverages the power of technology giving the tools to spread their voices easier and in control.

A place to help artists, performers and exhibitors make it easier to host their events and sell directly without depending on others. We embrace all artists regardless of their popularity to have access to the same tools previously available only to those with already established audiences.

We believe INDI is one of the many ways to help reach this goal.

An easy way for people to further discover their culture and reinforce their identity.

A tool that helps artists to keep their voice independent.