What is IND.IS?

IND.IS is a new place to buy and sell tickets for culture events. As an artist you can easily hosts your events and make it easy to your attendees to buy tickets.


How much does it cost?

IND.IS charges between 10-15% per ticket sold deppending on the method used. We will never charge for listing events.


Bought a ticket, but I can't go...

At IND.IS you are always covered. We offered a you refund of your ticket up to one hour before the event is hosted.

Remember before doing a refund you can consider sending your ticket to a friend who may still be going to the event and still support the artist work.

Credit cards refunds are 100% free and refunds done via PayPal have the non-deductible cost of PayPal transaction which is 30 ¢.

The event got cancelled last minute

In the case where the event got cancelled after the refund time is up please contact us to mediate and try to help you in getting a refund back.